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2019 Patterns to Consider while Shopping in the Best Furniture Stores in Los Angeles

Even knowledge on design styles and forms of seats, tables, and décor is not enough when you’re shopping for your house in the best furniture stores in Los Angeles. These big stores will offer you a wide variety of design, patterns, shapes, and levels of function and it might seem intimidating.

One of the important aspects of furniture and home décor is fabric. From upholstery to pillowcases and rugs—the types of fabric and patterns you’ll choose will affect how your house will look. To guide your design decisions when you visit modern furniture stores, here’s a list of fabrics and patterns to watch out for if you aim to follow the trends this 2019.

What Fabrics and Patterns to Look for in the Best Los Angeles Furniture Stores

Looking for a certain piece of furniture in Los Angeles is easy with the countless shops available. The challenge, however, is narrowing your design choices from the smorgasbord of design styles and patterns. One way of doing so is knowing firsthand what fabrics, patterns, and color you want for your home.

Here are the kinds of patterns and fabrics you could set your eyes on in your upcoming shopping trip.

  • Earth Tones, Tropical Colors, and Patterns

If you’re looking to giving your outdoor living spaces a dressing up or makeover, consider earthy tones, as well as tropical colors and patterns. Mix together an outdoor swing with olive green, leaf-patterned upholstery, some red earth and green earth colored throw pillows, and understated blues for contrast—your outdoor patio or porch would never look as cozy and welcoming.

  • Stripes

Can anything be more classic than stripes? If florals and botanicals are not up to your taste, you cannot go wrong with clean, straight lines. You can mix and match thick and thin stripes, like a pinstriped single seater adorned with a throw pillow with bold, thick, red and blue stripes. If what you want for your home are bold statements and accents, stripes are an interesting option.

  • Calm and Subtle

This year, designers predict a doing-away of home clutter—design-wise and stuff-wise. If this suits your housekeeping philosophy, go for creams, whites, and beiges. Patterns must be used sparingly.

To keep your space interesting, play around with a few textures like a fur rug, simple gray patterns, and metallic accents. This strategy for simplicity will not be much of a challenge to shop for, as the best furniture stores in Los Angeles have furniture and décor with this style in hundreds.

  • Flower-Power

Bold floral patterns had made their way into the spotlight in 2018, and they’re here to stay in the new year. Not to be confused with the earth tones and patterns, floral-themed living spaces are bolder and more colorful. Think of sunburst yellows, baby blues, pinks, and floral patterns. You can accessorize using pillowcases and throws with these colors and patterns found in modern furniture stores.

Fabric is one of the elements that make furniture and home decorations more interesting. It gives your stuff character and reflect your personality. This is why it is important that you’re intentional in choosing the right type of fabric, pattern, and texture on your furniture when you visit the best Los Angeles furniture stores.

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