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4 Preparation Tips to Make the Best Artificial Turf in San Jose Winter-Ready

A lawn made of the best artificial turf in San Jose makes life easier because of the minimal upkeep necessary to keep it green and pristine for years to come. This does not mean, however, that you should totally leave it be.

As winter approaches, implement the necessary practices to have your synthetic lawn looking fresh and clean. Do a few pre-winter tasks to keep its aesthetic appeal all year-round!

Easy Tips on Preparing Artificial Turf for Winter

Even if there is hardly any snow in Northern California, it is no excuse for you to lay low in your garden-tending responsibility, especially this winter season. Take care of the installation with a few maintenance tips to ensure its beauty.

Make your artificial grass landscape winter-ready with these easy steps:

  1. Check the edges and joints.

Installers are usually careful in sealing joints in the artificial grass installation, hiding them from exposure to the elements. In case of changes, ensure that the edges are all secure to avoid gaps. Check with your local turf supplier for the best artificial turf adhesives to seal off the gaps.

  1. Remove autumn leaves and garden debris.

Leaves need to be cleared off the turf to avoid them from sticking to the grass and rubber infill. Too much moisture will cause leaves to change in texture, leading to bacteria formation, which may trigger allergies on humans and pets.

To prevent this from happening, remove the debris and leaves using a soft rake or broom. Invest in a power broom as well for quick cleaning.

  1. Control weeds and moss.

The best putting greens and synthetic grass patios are not spared from moss and weeds. But, fret not. Moss can be removed through a stiff broom or a rake with plastic tines. Pull out the weeds that grew between the turf spaces or use a non-harmful weedkille to get rid of them.

  1. Fluff up the turf.

Infill helps keep the turf upright, but it can only do so to some extent. Foot traffic can still make the grass uneven. Brush up your synthetic grass to give it that newly-installed look heading into winter. Take out everything from the synthetic lawn and use a plastic rake to make the fibers robust and lively. Spread the fibers in different directions for awesome results.

Give the Best Pre-Winter Care for Your Turf

Low maintenance grass does not mean that you should not look after it. Just like the rest of your home, the best artificial turf in San Jose also requires upkeep to keep it looking its best. Doing autumn care for your lawn will help in making the turf look great the whole year.

Check with your turf supplier for guides on how to keep your synthetic landscape looking vibrant with the changing of the season. Have a worry-free holiday celebration with an evergreen landscape that your family and guests will love!

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