4 Sofa Selection Tips for Pet-Friendly Furniture in Los Angeles

Maintaining a pristine and beautiful contemporary sofa can be tricky when you have pets. Choose the wrong material, and it’s only a matter of time before you end up with a dirty couch full of scratches and fur from playful dogs and cats. Avoid this scenario by taking note of these smart, pet-friendly tips when you invest in modern furniture in Los Angeles.

4 Tips for Selecting a Pet-Friendly Contemporary Sofa

When you have pets in the house, you need a sofa that’s tough enough to withstand their antics yet still comfortable for everyday use. Contemporary sofas from modern furniture stores fit this bill. Well-crafted, elegant, and durable, these sturdy seats will enhance your home’s aesthetic while keeping your living room pet-proof.

When shopping for contemporary sofas from modern furniture stores in Los Angeles, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Choose Stain-Resistant Fabrics

Minimize clean-up time and prevent sofa stains by choosing a contemporary sofa with stain-resistant fabric. Some good options are microfiber, leather, and ultra-suede. It only takes a quick wipe-down to remove mud and spills from these materials. They also only suffer minor scratches from sharp canine nails and feline claws. If you’re unsure of which fabrics will work for your home, consult design specialists in modern furniture stores for expert advice.

  1. Invest in Washable Décor

Pillows and throws complement contemporary sofas well, but they can get messy quickly in a household with pets. Consider going for machine-washable covers for your couch blankets and cushions. Choose materials that don’t attract too much hair to avoid fur-covered pillows and covers.

  1. Favor Fur-Proof Colors

Your choice of sofa color makes a huge difference when it comes to maintaining an attractive living room. Does your pet have white fur? Select lighter colors, such as beige, cream, and other neutral shades. If your canine or feline has a dark coat, go with navy, black, and other deeper hues. That way, if their fur does stick to furniture, it won’t stand out unpleasantly. Multi-colored patterns are also a great option as they’ll make fur less noticeable.

  1. Get Chew-Resistant Sofa Legs

Aside from upholstery, consider the chair leg material carefully when shopping for contemporary sofas in Los Angeles. Pups will chew on anything they can find, and that includes sofa legs. Most cats, meanwhile, are fond of making scratching posts out of wooden chair legs. Avoid unsightly bite and claw marks on your couch by choosing one with metal legs. Sleek metal legs are not just resistant to bites and swipes; their elegant looks are also easy to integrate into many interior design styles.

More Furniture Tips for Pet-Proof Living Rooms

On top of choosing the right contemporary sofa, here are other smart furniture strategies to achieve a pet-friendly interior design for your living room:

  • Select coffee tables with rounded edges for better stability and safety. In case your pet jumps or bumps into the table, the blunt margins will help ensure that they won’t get hurt.
  • Use smaller pieces of furniture in Los Angeles, such as ottomans, to block off areas you don’t want your pet to access.
  • Keep it high —chairs and tables with long legs are ideal if you have smaller pets since these will prevent them from reaching the high surfaces.

Be strategic when it comes to choosing your sofa, tables, and other living room décor to achieve a practical space that won’t detract from your overall design. For more ideas on how to maintain design harmony in a home with pets, visit modern furniture stores in Los Angeles today!

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