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4 Things You Need to Avoid Doing After Getting Facials in Leesburg

Facials in Leesburg, when done right, can make your skin glow for some weeks. Note, however, that a single session won’t do you miracles. Be consistent with your post-facial care routine to keep your face looking and feeling rejuvenated. You need to:

  • Drink lots of fluids to avoid dehydration
  • Change your towels and bedding regularly to get rid of the dirt
  • Clean up your makeup paraphernalia
  • Protect yourself from the heat of the sun

In addition to these, you also need to use the right post-facial products and avoid the common skincare mistakes.


WARNING: Avoid These Major Post-Facial Mistakes

Refrain from doing the following after your facials and massage in Leesburg VA to maximize the benefits of your skincare treatment.

1 . Exfoliating during the first five days after the treatment.

Skincare treatments already include deep peeling and exfoliation. It’s why it is highly discouraged that you exfoliate your skin right after the treatment. Facial skins are sensitive, and over exfoliation may lead to skin cells infection.
You should also refrain from using over the counter peel-off products like serums and toners because these can further damage your skin. Let it rest for a while.

2. Wearing makeup for the first 24 hours.

Of course, you’re excited to show the world how glowing you are right after the treatment. But please, do so without the makeup, even just for the first 24 hours. The cosmetics you use certainly have particles that may not react well with treatment. Again, give your skin some time to rest and heal.

3. Working out and sweating.

Sweating is good since it is your body’s way of releasing toxins, but not if you just had a facial treatment. Sweat will make your freshly-peeled skin sting. Gym equipment is also filled with germs and bacteria and you do not want to expose your skin to that.
Visiting the gym just to use the steam room is also not a good idea. Aside from the fact that sweat burns, the heat can cause greater irritation and redness to your skin.

4 . Waxing, shaving, or going through any hair removal treatment

Do you want to have your brows threaded? Are you thinking of waxing some of your upper lip hair? Well, save it for the following week because you cannot do that after a facial treatment. It may cause over-exfoliation and burn your face.

Let Your Skin Rest for a While

Undergoing a facial in any Leesburg massage and spa center is a good idea. You just have to make sure to take care of your face as well. The best thing to do right after your facial is to let your facial skin rest for a while. Stop touching it. Do not put anything on it. You should even refrain from washing it the night after the treatment. Just listen to professionals in this area and you can surely enjoy your fresh and glowing look

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