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5 Smart Home Technology Trends to Watch Out For in 2019

Smart homes are no longer a new concept, thanks to now-popular technology like Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, and home automation. Year after year, the smart home market is hit by thousands of innovations promising to make life richer, easier, and more convenient. Here are 2019’s most promising trends.

2019’s Latest Smart Home Trends

Technology-infused homes are starting to become mainstream, and here are five of the freshest developments to get excited for:

  1. Home Zoning

Gone are the days when one thermostat controlled climatic conditions for the whole house. Zone-based, programmable thermostats may soon be available so you can customize the temperature in every room, any time.


Benefits include potentially lower energy bills – only use heating and cooling in occupied rooms. Each resident can also use their personal devices to program their own thermostat, making for truly personalized comfort for all.

  1. One Device, One Hub

Smart homes used to depend on a centralized portal hub to control various functions, but continuous streamlining now make those hubs look like overkill. Pretty soon, all you’ll need to control all functions of your home is your favorite device – your smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. that’s connected to Wi-Fi.

No need to get up and push buttons just to change settings for music, lighting, HVAC, security, and more; simply tap on an app and you’re ready to go!

  1. Design-Friendly Tech 

Smart home devices used to have bland designs that don’t go well with a home’s ambiance and décor. Tech companies are now paying more attention to the aesthetics of their home automation gadgets. Before long, you’ll be able to purchase smart home tech that blends perfectly with your home’s style, whether that’s industrial, retro, minimalist, and more.

  1. Smarter Security Systems

The capabilities of home security systems keep on expanding. Voice recognition is gaining traction in this field, and in just a few years, you can expect to control your security system with voice commands whether you’re in or outside your property. Automated door locks are also under production. Much like foot-activated car trunks, all you need is to approach your door, and the sensors will lock and unlock it for you.

  1. Low-Power Wi-Fi Conversion

More of a concept than an existing product, low-power Wi-Fi conversion involves transforming regular devices into controllable smart gadgets. One such concept is Roost, a battery capable of lasting for several years, and more importantly, can change your traditional smoke detector into a connected version.

However, one hindrance to this tech is that there are no international standards for low power Wi-Fi yet, which can result to issues with compatibility. Once this is resolved, however, you can look forward to other applications around the home.

Smarter Homes, High-Tech Living

What used to be cool sci-fi ideas are now reality – smarter homes are poised to be the new norm in the next few decades. These are just five of this year’s hottest trends, but with great technological leaps happening almost nonstop, don’t be surprised if you come home to the future, today.

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