Cataract Surgery and Corrective Eye Surgery in Orange County: Things You Need to Know

As different types of corrective eye surgery in Orange County get more famous, some people may confuse it with other kinds of treatment for the eyes. Although your eye surgeon will never let you get a treatment that is not for you, you also have to exert effort in getting familiar with the different kinds of medical procedures that you may have to do with your eye. This will help you find the right surgeon and clinic easier, with less time and financial expenses.

One of the procedures usually confused with corrective eye surgery such as Lasik surgery is cataract surgery in Orange County. Here are some of the things you need to know regarding these two surgeries.

What are the things you need to know about cataract surgery and corrective eye surgery?

  • These two are entirely different procedures. It is not just in Orange County that cataract surgery is different from corrective eye surgery. First, how each works is very different from each other.

    Corrective eye surgery like Lasik reshapes the eye’s cornea so it will improve how the eye focuses light on its retina, thus correcting situations such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. On the other hand, cataract surgery is applied on the lens. The lens which was made cloudy by the cataract is replaced with artificial lens.

Moreover, the two have very different purposes. As mentioned above, corrective eye surgery aims to improve your vision, allowing you to see more clearly without contact lenses or glasses. In contrast, cataract surgery aims to improve your vision by removing the cloudy part in the lenses.

Also, in terms of how it is conducted, many kinds of corrective eye surgery may be performed in both eyes in a single session in an outpatient laser center, for instance, while cataract surgery, if needed in both eyes, is needed to be performed in different days in an operation room.

Regarding financial matters, cataract surgery is usually covered by your insurance plan but for corrective eye surgery such as Lasik, you must find a good Lasik financing in Orange County.

  • Both procedures may be performed on the same eye. As aforementioned, corrective eye surgery is performed on the cornea while cataract surgery is done on the lens. Therefore, both surgeries may be done on the same eye. However, your vision may require correction in a much earlier age while having a cataract usually occurs in an older age.

There are also instances when these two are used together. In case the vision does not become clear, corrective eye surgery will be done to improve it.

As seen in the matters mentioned above, corrective eye surgery is never an alternative for cataract surgery or vice versa. These two should go together to give you the perfect vision.

Always keep in mind to consult your eye surgeon regarding such matters to ensure that you will not waste time and money.

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