Luxury Living Ambient Light

Complement Your Luxury Living Room Furniture with Ambient Lighting

Apart from choosing the furniture for your living space, you also have to pay attention to the lighting used. Owners spend a lot of time choosing the luxury living room furniture or worrying about the paint of the room, but often neglect the lighting. To maximize the look and feel of your room, you should consider how you light it up.

In this post, we will learn about the types of lighting used in a living room, and how you can use them in the best way for your house’s central space.

3 Types of Lighting in a Living Room

There are three types of lighting usually used in a living room. They are the following:

  1. Accent Lighting

    Accent lighting is used primarily for decorating and giving a subtle atmosphere to a living room. Apart from accent lamps, up-lights and spot lights also qualify as accent lighting.

  2. Ambient Lighting

    Ambient lighting is responsible for the room’s general illumination, making every person within the area comfortable. This lighting, however, is not enough for activities you do on your own. Examples of ambient lights are chandeliers, wall sconces, and pendant lights.

  3. Task Lighting

    Task lights emit bright light on particular areas. This light helps you carry out tasks where you need brighter lights, like writing on papers or reading a book. Such lights include lamps next to a chair, or a light source atop a desk.

All these three kinds of lights should be used in varying degrees around the living room. Doing so will create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere for all its users.

Identify Main Purpose of Lighting

How you use the lighting in your living room depends on its main purpose. Here are the various ways you can adjust your lighting to the corresponding room activity:

  • Entertaining

    If you use the living space primarily for entertaining, ambient and accent lighting should be your priority. Have overhead lighting, floor lamps, and table lamps available. Additionally, create a warm atmosphere by making dimmable lighting available. For paintings and artwork, place decorative pendants to illuminate them.

  • Watching television

    If you devote most of your living room time to the tube, consider using dimmable overhead lighting. Position the lights so that they won’t cause glare on the screen. Keep task and accent lighting to a minimum to keep from distracting you from your flickering flat screen.

  • Reading

    If you read instead of watching TV in the living space, focus on task lighting fixtures. Get lamps that you can readily adjust the wattage, so that you can read in a condition ideal for you. You can use any type of ambient lighting. Just make sure that it is not too bright, so that it does not overpower your reading.

Lights to Be Mindful of

Below is a list of things to be mindful of when picking your lights for your modern living room furniture:

  • The number of bulbs you use and their wattage (amount of light generated).
  • The distance of the light bulb to important people or surfaces.
  • The reflectivity of the light on certain objects and surfaces.
  • The shielding provided by a shade on the light.
  • The shape produced by the light output – if it points upward, sideward, or all directions.
  • The coloration of the light itself or the shade on the light.

In addition, avoid using light fixtures that do not give off enough wattage. Decorative lights usually are designed for their looks and don’t light up a room significantly.

A Well-Lit Living Space

Don’t just rely on nice furniture pieces and good paint jobs to carry your living room’s appearance. By carefully planning and arranging the lighting in your living room, you can make space items look their best.

Just like luxury living room furniture items, you can spot many great lighting fixtures from modern furniture stores in Los Angeles. You can even get certain lights for a very reasonable price. Study your living space well, and do your research on the lights that will make your space stand out from the rest.

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