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Creative Ways to Use Artificial Turf in Santa Cruz, CA Inside Your Home

Contrary to what most people believe, artificial turf in Santa Cruz, CA is not only ideal for beautifying outdoor landscapes. It’s also suitable for indoor installations.

Synthetic grass doesn’t need sun, water, and healthy soil to thrive. It also doesn’t attract insects and encourage weed growth, eliminating the need for toxic chemical solutions like pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. The turf stays green and pristine wherever it’s placed with minimal maintenance. It’s a great way to add a touch of vibrant green to your interior design indefinitely without completely changing up your current setup.

Ways to Use Artificial Turf Indoors

Bring life to your space with beautiful and hassle-free synthetic turf. Here are some smart ways to use top-quality artificial grass inside your home:

  • Carpet a room.

Avail artificial grass services in Santa Cruz and cover the entire floor area of one of your rooms. It’s a great way to set apart a section of your home from the rest. Grass carpeting is best done in rooms that get a lot of activity and foot traffic like the living room. Synthetic turf offers a soft, padded surface that minimizes the risk for slips and falls.

  • Make a rug.

Don’t want to carpet a room with synthetic turf, but you still want to add a bit of green to your floor? Why not create a mat or rag using the material? It’s a great way to offset concrete, tile, or hardwood floors and add a touch of nature to the space.

  • Spruce up a wall.

Make drab, single-colored walls more attractive by accenting them with synthetic turf. You can cover an entire wall or just a section of it, depending on your style. Not only will you break up a monotonous design, but it’ll also breathe new life to the space.

  • Get your golf game on indoors.

Invest in indoor, personal putting greens in Santa Cruz. You can designate a single room for the course or integrate the green into one of the larger areas of your home. You don’t have to settle for a simple strip. Talk to your synthetic turf installer about your dream design, and watch it come to life during the installation process.

  • Turf up your terrace or balcony.

Give your elevated outdoor space some love. Cover its entire floor area or just a portion of it with synthetic turf. Furnish it with a chair or two, a table, and a couple of potted plants, and you’ll have a cozy, green haven!

Add a Fresh Touch to Your Interior Design!

You can use any of these synthetic grass ideas for your home or develop your own turf design idea. Don’t be afraid to get creative. Premium artificial grass is versatile enough for all types of installations.

Hire a professional synthetic grass installer to ensure a fast, efficient, and mistake-free project process. Work with the most trusted installation company in your area. Then, invest in high-quality artificial turf in Santa Cruz, CA for a beautiful, durable, and long-lasting installation!

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