Early Dog Training in Leesburg, VA: How to Help Your New Puppy Adjust to Your Home

Adopting a puppy is an exciting and life-changing event. Not only will you be adding another member to your family, but you’ll also be responsible for his upbringing. Whatever happens in his first few weeks with you will lay down the foundation for your relationship. Make sure your puppy grows into an excellent companion by helping him adjust to his new home and employing dog training in Leesburg, VA, from the get-go.

Prepare for Your Puppy’s Arrival

Preparation is key to helping your new furry family member adjust to your home. Here are some of the things you need to get in order before bringing home your puppy:

  • Have all your puppy essentials on hand. Make sure you have these supplies before your canine’s arrival:
    • Food and water bowls
    • High-quality dog food
    • Adjustable collar with identification tags
    • Leash
    • Pet bed
    • Dog toys
    • Playpen
    • Crate
  • Puppy-proof your home. Puppies will start exploring their home at the first chance, trying everything within reach with their teeth. Keep your canine and your items safe by puppy-proofing your home. Put all your valuables away, install baby latches on low cupboard doors, and make sure all electrical cords are out of his reach.
  • Choose trusted pet care providers. Finding a veterinarian, dog sitter, groomer, and Hamilton dog training provider for your puppy should not be a last-minute activity. Take the time to find the best ones in your area.
  • Set ground rules. To avoid confusing your puppy with inconsistent behavior, establish rules on how to interact with him. Make sure everyone in your family is on the same page. This will help your canine understand what he can and cannot do in his new home faster.
  • Assign a space for your pup. Choose a quiet spot that’s away from the busy areas of your home.

Make Your Puppy Feel Safe and Welcomed

Everything that happens in the first few weeks will have a huge impact on the years to come. Help your canine adjust to your home well with these expert tips from Leesburg dog training professionals:

  • Take it slow for the first few days. Don’t overwhelm your puppy with treats and affection. Let him explore your home and meet new people at his own pace.
  • Establish a routine. Puppies adjust faster to new places when they have a schedule to follow. Come up with a daily routine that includes:
    • Feeding time
    • Bedtime
    • Potty breaks
    • Walks
  • Be consistent with your housetraining practices. According to providers of dog training in Leesburg, VA, consistent reinforcement is key to effective housetraining. You have to establish bathroom spots use and keep him from defecating where you don’t want him to.
  • Don’t punish your puppy for potty lapses. If you catch him in the act, interrupting him with a gentle “Oops, not here. Outside!” and taking him to the designated spot will suffice. If you don’t catch him in the act, don’t yell at him. Your puppy won’t be able to connect your actions to the behavior you’re trying to correct.
  • Always have someone on “puppy supervision” duty. It’s the best way to reinforce good manners and discourage bad behavior. Keep a close eye on him and intervene whenever necessary.

Make the First Few Weeks of Your Puppy’s Stay Count

Invest a lot of time and effort into helping your canine feel safe and loved in his new home. Be consistent with the rules you implement to set the stage for the years to follow. Once he’s settled in, consider enrolling him in dog training in Leesburg, VA to help him grow into a well-mannered canine companion!

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