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Highly Recommended Cryptocurrency Websites for Every Trader and Investor

Cryptocurency, being a fledgling currency, holds a lot of promise. Since there is much to be explored with this industry, you need reliable guides to see your through. With cryptocurrency websites, you are assured of a solid foundation in this industry.

Although a complex concept at the moment, cryptocurrency can soon make its mark. As it does, you too should be ready. Here are a couple of sites that you could use as reference for your every activity.

Cryptocurrency Trading

If you are starting out in cryptocurrency, there are resources on the internet that can offer you guidance. Here are select cryptocurrency websites where active crypto trading takes place.

  • Binance

Binance is arguably the most known crypto trading site. This exchange is suitable for both the beginners and advanced users. It also has one of the most advanced and easy to use mobile apps for cryptocurrency trading.

  • KuCoin

KuCoin is a great crypto exchange site that always has a high number on the top 25 exchanges on CMC.  It also has a program wherein new coins and tokens are put on the exchange.

  • Coinbase

Coinbase is another cryptocurrency exchange site that is used for buying/selling cryptos. This site covers Bitcoin, Etherium, and Litecoin.  You can deposit your crypto amount into the exchange, and access it later using a secure hardware wallet, such as the Ledger Nano S.

  • BitMEX

BitMEX exchange is run through professional algo traders and economists, and is also the busiest exchange for cryptocurrency. It also gives complete tools and techniques for beginners and advanced crypto traders.

Cryptocurrency News

As a complement to your trading activity, it’s advisable for you to always visit news sites. By keeping up to date with cryptocurrency news, you can keep abreast of ground-breaking information that will help in your decision. Here are some of the sites you can count on for timely cryptocurrency updates:

  • Bitcoin Market Journal

A reliable source for cryptocurrency news, Bitcoin Market Journal always keeps you updated on the latest crypto events. Apart from Bitcoin, it also tackles other up-and-coming cryptos.

  • CoinDesk

CoinDesk is a prime blockchain publication which puts forward big standards with regard to reliability and accuracy. It has also kept readers updated with a State of Blockchain report at almost every quarter since the start of 2017.


Registered in Norway, is your source for breaking crypto news, and has its own  initial coin offering (ICO) calendar, market data, and a chat room.

  • Bitcoinist

Bitcoinist gets around 2 million visitors monthly and gives news and technical analysis. Aside from up-to-date news, you also get information on new industry events. 

Keeping In Touch with Cryptocurrency Developments

As cryptocurrency continues to make waves, you always have to be ahead of the pack. Staying informed during trading will keep you competitive, and always reaping the profits.

Once you make profit with your crypto activity, you should turn to a reliable company for your digital asset management. With the expertise and know-how in this field, this company will truly be the partner you need to succeed in this ever-growing industry.

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