man in outdoor sauna

Indoor or Outdoor Infrared Sauna: Things to Consider

man in outdoor sauna

To be clear: the location of your sauna, whether you choose to buy an indoor or an outdoor infrared sauna, will not, in any way, affect the efficacy of your sessions. However, their effects are not the only things you’ll have to consider when deciding on this kind of purchase.

With efficacy and benefits out of the way, what things should you consider in deciding on whether to go for an indoor or an outdoor unit?

Let us help you with these tips:

  1. Safety

First and foremost, you got to ensure the safety of yourself and your surroundings. Some people prefer outdoor units because they feel safer with the sauna outdoors, without any contact with the house to avoid any accidents. Rest assured that infrared saunas, whether used indoor or outdoor, are safe.

  1. Space

Of course, this should be one of your top concerns. It doesn’t matter how good your sauna is, if it doesn’t fit inside your home, it won’t matter! If you are looking to order an indoor sauna, you are limited by the size of your home, especially your bathroom where most users prefer to put their infrared saunas.

  1. Convenience

When it comes to ease and convenience of use, indoor saunas would have the upper hand. The mere fact that you don’t need to leave the comforts of your home to enjoy the benefits of a sauna is unbeatable. Not only that. Indoor saunas afford users increased privacy and protection from the elements. It would be tough to enjoy an outdoor sauna session in the cold of winter, right?

However, outdoor saunas tend to be bigger. The added space can add to the appeal when you can enjoy it with a loved one or by yourself in a more relaxed position and not cramped inside an indoor unit.

  1. Price

How much does a sauna cost? One factor that affects a sauna’s price is its size. Hence, outdoor saunas tend to be pricier because of this. A comfortable indoor sauna can give you the same benefits for almost half the cost! It all comes down to your budget: how much are you willing to invest?

  1. Difficulty of installation

Before purchasing a sauna, you should take your time in learning what utilities would it demand upon installation. Outdoor units tend to require their own utilities or at least installation near one. But that does not mean indoor saunas are without their difficulties. Installed inside your bathroom, indoor saunas can decrease your mobility in this section of your house and might cause inconvenience in the future.

  1. Style

Lastly, it all boils down to style. By style, we don’t only refer to aesthetics, although it is part of it. How your sauna unit looks should of course also influence your decision. You would not want to use something you do not like to look at. However, aside for the looks, indoor and outdoor saunas cater to different personality types. The outdoorsy types might prefer the outdoor units and be surrounded by nature, while those who value their “alone time” would want an indoor model.

There are no set rules or guidelines on choosing whether to buy an indoor or an outdoor infrared sauna. It all depends on your taste. The more important thing is that you are taking the first steps toward a healthier lifestyle! Keep it up!

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