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Lose Unwanted Weight with the Help of a Personal Sauna

If you’ve been to a gym sauna, you’re familiar with how relaxing it can be. At the same time, you’re put off by the idea of sharing it with others. Getting a sought-after personal sauna is one very thoughtful alternative.

Now that you’re switching from a gym to a personal sauna, will you still be getting the same results? The answer is yes! Other than a change of scenery from a public facility to your own home, you’ll still be able to keep fit. After an intense home workout of cardio and weights to get into shape, the far-infrared sauna is the perfect wrap-up activity.

How a Personal Sauna Helps in Weight Loss

Because of infrared sauna weight loss benefits, being in a sauna is the best complement to a very strenuous workout. Here are just a couple of the benefits you can get with your own personal sauna.  

  • The heat penetrates your skin, muscles, and tissue

Infrared can reach up to an inch into the body’s soft tissue. As a result, it increases blood flow to that area and burns calories in the body. One sauna session was revealed to burn up to 600 calories. More calories burned in a shorter amount of time compared to a traditional sauna, which only warms the air. The sweating is also done at a lower temperature.

  • It increases your circulation and metabolism

When your body is exposed to a sauna’s infrared rays, your blood circulation increases.  The infrared rays stimulate the circulatory system, pumping in oxygen into the body’s cells. As a result, your metabolism also increases, helping you to burn calories while undergoing sauna treatment.

The best part about losing weight in an infrared sauna is that it is non-toxic. State-of-the-art saunas emit low-to-zero EMF (electromagnetic fields), ensuring the safety of your body.

Increasing Weight Loss in the Sauna

Although you may lose ample weight in the portable infrared sauna, you can lose a greater amount through some special techniques. Here are some ways you can expedite your weight loss:

  • Performing Hot Yoga

If you want to lose more weight in the personal sauna, do yoga. Aside from losing weight, other benefits of doing hot yoga include improved flexibility and deeper sleep.

  • Mild Stretching

For some people, yoga in the sauna can be too strenuous. Doing mild stretching exercises can serve as an alternative. Stretching not only relaxes your body, but can also raise your core temperature. In turn, it raises your metabolism and helps in the burning calories.

Such exercises prove that stepping into the sauna doesn’t mean the end of your workout. You can continue actively shedding those pounds during your cool down session!

An Infrared Sauna is the Way to Go

After this discussion, you may be compelled to ask, does sauna burn fat? The answer lies largely in your balance of workout and sauna use. Now all you have to do is choose the sauna that fits your personality to complement your routine. Check out the inventory of local sauna merchant sites to find a sauna that is best suited to you.

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