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Remove Pet Hazards from Backyards with High-Quality Artificial Turf in Vacaville

With summer just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to let your dogs out in your yard for some outdoor fun. However, certain pet hazards can get in the way of their yard experience. Most of these dangers lurk in natural grass. Get rid of them for good by switching to high-quality artificial turf in Vacaville to keep your canine safe and healthy!

Dog Hazards Eliminated by Synthetic Turf

Artificial grass isn’t just an excellent alternative to the real thing for yards that double as pet runs because it’s lush, evergreen, and easy to maintain. It also eliminates these dog hazards:

  • Grass Pollen

Like humans, some dogs are allergic to grass pollen. Even if your pooch doesn’t have allergies, having a grass-covered yard is still not a good idea, especially if you plan to host pet playdates. There’s a chance that visiting furry friends are allergic to pollen.

Artificial grass isn’t alive, so it doesn’t generate pollen. Feel free to let dogs run and play on its surface without worries of triggering an allergic reaction.

  • Grass Seeds

Grass seeds are sharp and difficult to remove. They can latch into paws, ears, and eyes of dogs, causing irritation and burrowing under the skin if left on the fur for too long. High-quality artificial turf in Vacaville doesn’t produce these nasty pests. No matter how much your canine rolls and lies around its surface, he won’t come home with grass seeds tangled in his fur and lodged in his skin.

  • Pesticides

Live lawns attract pests of all shapes and sizes. They’re the perfect breeding, nesting, and hunting grounds for various insects, such as armyworms, white grubs, billbugs, and sod webworms. Moles, skunks, and other animals that feast on these critters also frequent grass-covered yards. The best way to get rid of them is to apply pesticides.

The problem with pesticides is that they are harmful to pets. When these toxic chemicals are inhaled or ingested by dogs, they can cause respiratory failure, nervous system disruption, and digestive issues. Most pesticides linger after application.

Synthetic turf provides neither food nor shelter to bugs and vermin, so there’s no need to apply pesticides to its surface. Let your pooch frolic on your yard without worries of bug encounters and chemical exposure.

  • Poisonous Plants

When you install the best pet artificial grass in Vacaville, you’ll need to level your yard.

This process involves relocating all the plants or flowers that you want to keep. If you have foxgloves, autumn crocus, and other plants that are poisonous to dogs, take this opportunity to remove or place them somewhere out of reach of your pooch.

Turn Your Yard into a Safe Space for Your Pooch

Invest in premium synthetic turf for your yard. Not only will it eliminate these hazards, but it’ll also give you a pristine, evergreen landscape and simplify your lawn upkeep routine. Consider getting pet-friendly, artificial grass putting greens near Vacaville instead of regular turf to up the fun factor of your grounds. Talk to your trusted synthetic turf installer today to get your project started!

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