Sauna Accessories That May Help You Lose Weight

Do saunas help you lose weight? This is one of the most common questions people ask about saunas. The answer is yes, they do. However, it is important to note that it only helps the process. You cannot lose weight by only having a hot bath every day in a sauna.

When you sweat inside the room, your body loses water weight. But it does not do anything with the fat and muscles in your body. This is why it is important to add some sauna accessories to make it more effective in helping you lose weight. Here are some of the accessories you can add.

What are some of the sauna accessories you can add to help you lose weight?

  • Hand Weights. While enjoying your hot bath, you can help in the sweating and increasing body temperature through the hand weights. Combine the use of this weights with moderate stretching.

    Remember that sauna does help in losing weight but only through facilitation. You still need to do some work out if you really want to lose weight.

  • Speakers and music. Your mood will affect whatever you will do inside the sauna. If you just had a bad or tiring day and you want to rest and relax, that is surely what you will do. But if you are planning to have a hot bath to lose weight, your mood must be aligned to it.

    One of the most effective ways to set your mood is by playing some music. Set it up in your sauna and get pumped up!

  • Sauna whisks or vhita. These whisks are made up of young tree twigs. In some areas, this is a compulsory accessory. The whisks increase the blood circulation which also aid in helping you lose weight.

  • Aromatherapy kit. You may know this as an important part of the sauna to make you feel more relaxed and refreshed. But the truth is, these essential oils can also help in losing weight.

    Include weight loss essential oils in your kit. These include grapefruit essential oil which sets your body in a fat-burning mode, lemon which helps dissolve fats, and peppermint which naturally suppresses appetite.

These are only some of the sauna accessories that can help you more in terms of losing weight through heat therapy in your sauna. Some sauna shops may have more options you can choose from. It will also be helpful to ask your wellness coach, gym instructor, or doctor about some other ways you can use your sauna in losing weight.

Just keep in mind that the help saunas provide in losing weight is very minimal. You still need to pair it up with balanced diet and regular exercise. Always remember that the goal here should not just to be slim or sexy but, more importantly, to be healthy. That is why you should do it the right way.

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