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Smart Pebble Beach Putting Green Design Tips to Get Your Golf Game On

Investing in a backyard Pebble Beach putting green has a ton of advantages. It’ll allow you to level up your golf skills and techniques anytime you want without leaving your home and paying for expensive club membership. On top of these, a putting green made from first-rate synthetic turf also doubles as a beautiful landscape. Dominate your competition and become the talk of the town with your personal artificial golf course!

Tips for Designing a Great Backyard Putting Green

To design an excellent backyard putting green, you need to think beyond just getting a convenient practice course. Identify your long-term objectives when it comes to the sport and layout your green accordingly. Keep these smart design tips in mind to enhance the installation:

  • Avoid flat one-hole strip designs.

They’re great if you’re a beginner. Once you fine-tune your basic golfing skills, however, they can get boring fast. Spice up your course layout with variety. Integrate mounds, slopes, and multiple holes into your putting green design. Use premium artificial turf to break away from a rectangular strip layout and landscape a free form-shaped backyard golf course.

  • Embrace the natural terrain of your backyard.

Instead of asking your synthetic turf installer to flatten your uneven or sloping yard, integrate the terrain as it is into your putting green design. The inconsistent surface will make the course more challenging. Since you’re covering the area with top-quality artificial turf in Monterey, CA, you don’t need to worry about uneven grass growth.

  • Ensure adequate lighting features.

This is a must if you plan on using your green at night. Invest in excellent landscape lighting. With the help of your synthetic turf installer, integrate low-voltage outdoor lamps and other light fixtures into your backyard putting green.

  • Add obstacles to your golf course.

Stay on your toes by integrating various obstacles to your Pebble Beach putting green. You can go conventional with sand traps and water fixtures or get creative with borders and customized obstacles. If you’re going for the latter, why not implement a certain theme to your golf setup? For instance, achieve a woodland aesthetic by using logs, rocks, trees, and shrubberies as obstacles.

  • Make it yours.

Don’t forget to personalize your putting green. Add potted plants, outdoor sculptures, tee markers, and other decorations to the setup. Just make sure that everything you put out in the open can withstand the elements, especially if you’re putting green is not a covered area.

Add the Perfect Putting Green to Your Home

Streamline your course design according to your gaming needs and install artificial grass in Monterey. Don’t settle for less than top-quality synthetic turf for your green to get a durable, evergreen, and easy-to-maintain surface with up to 15 years warranty.

Don’t take the DIY route. Give the job to a professional installer to speed up the installation and eliminate the risk of costly mistakes. Get in touch with your local artificial grass installation company now to enjoy your personal golf course as soon as possible!

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