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Sourcing the Best Management Talent: The Senior Executive Recruitment Cheat Sheet

When it comes to senior executive recruitment, it takes more than your usual hiring process. It takes serious competitiveness, as you are competing for top tier positions. Officers know that their jobs are highly specialized. Almost anyone can take on the job, but there is a special someone who is attuned to the values of the company. So much so, that micromanagement will no longer be needed.

It is more crucial now, with the generational shift in leaderships. Baby boomers are slowly relinquishing CEO positions to Gen Xers. They now prefer to be senior advisers instead. The Gen Xers, on the other hand, are giving way to millennials. This new generation, being exposed to social media and IT, have an entirely new culture for management. This is a trend that recruiting firms need to look into more intensively.

What to Do Effectively for Recruiting Executive Talent

First of all, extensive research must be done. First, come up with the ideal job description. Customize it so that it fits your needs.

After this, picture your candidate persona. Make sure that it fits your company and the culture.

  • Employee referrals
    To facilitate an effective gathering of executives, you should network. Through this process, you will be able to stumble across many individuals, but only a select few will be able to fill in the shoes of your desired position.

  • Keep a low-key and private profile
    You need to be professional when you are dealing with executive candidate. More than 80% of candidates want contact through private emails. For social media, the personal account is also preferred. Be extremely confidential in contacting these prospects.

  • Go beyond achievements and track records
    Track records can only say so much about a person. John Scully, the former CEO of Pepsi whom Steve Jobs hired for Apple, was not able to translate his soda company success to the computer giant. The wide difference between the corporate culture of Pepsi and the more liberal system in Apple played a factor in this.

    In contrast, industrial designer Jonny Ive jived with Apple’s aura and this made him an institution in the brand. Know your candidate inside out, gauge the future you would have with him, and make sure “the peg fits perfectly into the hole.”

  • Pay attention to their passions
    While corporate officers learn the same brand of governance from their MBAs, every single executive has their own passion. It seems like an abstract idea, but this is an underlying factor in their personality.

    An executive who is driven by profit differs from one who is motivated by results. If you wish to know what motivates an executive, you have to ask them “which achievements do they feel happiest for.” With every detail that they mention, you will find out once and for all their main motivation in life.

Key In on the Perfect Executive Talents for Your Company

The top recruiting firms in Houston tailor their executive searches to correspond with your needs as a recruiter. They go beyond what is indicated in the resume and try to provide a perfect fit for the company.

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