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Top 6 Blockchain News Websites You Should Read

The blockchain technology is one of the most notable innovations of all time. With the availability of information on blockchain news websites, the technology has gained an online following of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and a substantial amount of exposure through the years.


Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the blockchain industry.  Bookmark these news sites to get your fill of blockchain stories:

  1. CoinDesk

CoinDesk is one of the top media websites that focuses primarily on cryptocurrency and blockchain stories. Since 2003, CoinDesk has provided people with up-to-date news on blockchain, bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies.

The site also maintains the Bitcoin Price Index (BPI), wherein you can see the average bitcoin prices across different trade platforms and sites.

  1. CoinTelegraph

This site provides analysis and reviews about the blockchain market and how businesses can use the technology to their advantage. It caters to various countries across the globe, with available translations in English, Brazilian, Japanese, Serbian, and Spanish, among others.

  1. Reddit

While not exactly a news website for blockchain, Reddit is a good platform if you want to read on different discussions regarding blockchain. There are several subreddits related to blockchain and cryptocurrency, so just look around the site and find the forum you’re interested in.

  1. News BTC

Since 2013, NewsBTC continues to provide the latest stories about the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. There are also review and technical analysis available on the site, as well as a directory for different blockchain companies and ICO listings.

  1. TodayOnChain

TodayOnChain is a blockchain news website that not only focuses on blockchain and cryptocurrency, but also houses a collection of news from mainstream media sources such as Fortune, Forbes, CNBC, and many more.

  1. BTCWires

BTCWires is a news website that focuses on Bitcoin trading, Bitcoin digging, and the blockchain technology. It also shows the monetary values of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and other related news.


Reading about blockchain and cryptocurrency can be an advantage to your career. For instance, if you’re thinking of becoming a cryptocurrency trader or a brand ambassador for blockchain companies, reading blockchain news sites will give you basic knowledge of the industry. It is an excellent method to stay up-to-date on the technology’s current happenings, such as the rise or fall of Bitcoin’s price, the current value of other cryptocurrencies, and trade promos.

Learn more about blockchain today!

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