Top Office Amenities You Can Enjoy in a Co-working Space in BGC

Gone are the days when you have to choose between working comfortably at home and reporting in the office. With  a co-working space in BGC and the metropolitan area, you can now enjoy the perfect mix of both in a single place.

Shared office spaces cultivate an environment that boosts the well-being of each employee. Simply imagine a corporate office space that offers an extra boost of motivation and the comfort of working from home. A co-working space gives you these and more!

6 Co-working Space Amenities That Will Surely Increase Your Productivity

Aside from the free coffee and wireless internet connectivity that are typically provided in co-working spaces,  you can enjoy a lot more amenities  that will leave you feeling energized, motivated, and efficient. These include:

  1. Conference Rooms

A private space to meet with colleagues and discuss work-related matters —conference rooms are an essential amenity in a co-working space in BGC. These can be utilized for private one-on-one meetings, job interviews, and even client briefings, among others.

  1. Standing Desks

Nowadays, mobility is key to avoiding workplace boredom and burn out. This is why many co-working spaces now use standing desks to encourage movement and promote optimal health. Standing lowers the risk of weight gain, heart disease, and back pain, among others. In addition, using standing desks is found to improve the mood and energy levels of employees.

  1. Printing Stations

One of the major advantages of working in a BGC office space for rent is that it eliminates the need to set up a printer. Plus, it reduces your spending. Some co-working spaces factor in unlimited printing services in their membership fee. This is a significant advantage, especially if you are into writing, marketing, or other businesses that require printed documents most of the time.

  1. Nap Rooms

Feeling sleepy on a busy day? Take a break in the nap room for a few minutes and get back to work when you’re all rested!

Nap rooms are built to provide employees a comfortable and spacious place to relax in without fear of interruption. Some co-working spaces charge the use of their quarters by the hour, depending on the package.

  1. Recreational Lounges

These are another great co-working space amenity to help you relax and unwind once in a while. Recreational lounges are typically equipped with board games, video games, and even musical instruments that you can enjoy with your colleagues.

  1. Charging Stations

Many co-working spaces come with tables that have built in electrical sockets for multiple-device charging stations. This is one way to avoid office chaos, especially since a lot of office operations are digitally powered.

Maximize Co-working Space Amenities for Improved Work Productivity!

Be one of the many professionals who thrive in the comfortable and efficient environment that a co-working space in BGC provides. Get a lot of work done, socialize, and relax whenever you need to when you work in shared offices.

Rent a co-working space now and experience a more comfortable work environment!

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