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Why Artificial Turf from Kansas City is Your Dog’s Best Friend

Who says fake is bad? Ask your dogs, and they will tell you otherwise! Artificial turf from Kansas City can turn your lawn into your pet’s best friend? Why? Well because of its awesome benefits!


Artificial turf is synthetically made grass that is used to cover up lawns. It is typically made up of blades of grass, usually made up of polyethylene, resting on a base that functions as drainage and rubber granules distributed over the grass to add weight and additional softening.


As they are synthetically made, synthetic grass from Kansas City is available in a variety of colors, styles, and heights expertly created to provide the most natural look.

Aside for variety, practical benefits include:

  • NO watering
  • NO fertilizer
  • NO mowing!

It is an easier and less stressful way of maintaining a lawn.

If you are a homeowner who loves pets, it surely has been tough when your overzealous housemates run from your muddy lawn into your newly vacuumed living room! With artificial lawns or fake grass as people commonly call it, these are things of the past.

Here are five more reasons pet owners should switch to artificial lawns.

  1. Artificial turf is easy to clean

This might seem counterintuitive as dog poop and urine could easily be concealed in the natural dirt of real soil and grass…or could they? Dog feces, aside for the obvious smelly residue, can cause thinning or yellowing due to regular use. Add to the fact that the stench cannot easily be removed.

Change that to fake grass, and you can use various cleaning products that can get rid of the stain and the smell, without fear of killing the grass. Same goes for dog urine, which is worse than feces as it contains nitrogen. Nitrogen can burn grass roots and create dead spots in lawns—another problem that can be easily solved by synthetic lawns.

  1. No digging up the yard

Yes! We know the pain of seeing your beautifully mowed lawn being dotted by dogs digging. But, what can you do? Dogs will be dogs! So, instead of enduring “bald spots” in your yards, change the whole yard! With artificial turf from Kansas City, not only will you avoid bald spots in your lawn because they can’t dig through it, they’ll end up with clean paws!

  1. It is cheap

You might not believe this, but artificial is way cheaper! When you consider that “old” lawn can be reused, then you’ll figure out why. This might come as a significant investment at the beginning, but if you think long and hard, it is the smarter choice. Not only are you saving money, but since you can reuse old synthetic grass, you are doing Mother Earth a favor!

  1. Aesthetic appeal

As said earlier, dogs have lost the ability to dig up bald spots on your lawn; you will no longer worry about yellowing grass; and even if you and your dogs play an energetic round of catch, the lawn will stay the same. Always looking picturesque! How’s that for an investment!

Introduce your pet housemates to their (second) best friend! Install your artificial lawn now! You’ll be doing both of you a favor!

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